Guillem Nadal : Carving a New Nature

16 October 2020 - 8 May 2021

Art and nature come together in a striking collection of works by Spanish contemporary artist Guillem Nadal…


Nadal’s work is undoubtedly influenced by the abstract tendencies circulating within certain artistic spheres of the 1970s. His unique aesthetic can be regarded as a manifestation of conceptual art, in that the textural consistency of his works diverge from conventional techniques previously employed in the fine arts. Rather, the thick, bold streaks that stretch out across the canvas are reminiscent of raw materials more synonymous with sculpture. Nadal’s approach to painting can also be considered a form of process art, as we are able to trace his creative journey through the marks he leaves behind.


Looking primarily to nature as his source of inspiration, Nadal succeeds in creating an individual, artistic language in which painting and sculpture are masterly fused together in a celebration of the natural world. His attempts at recreating the raw materials of the earth upon the canvas are complimented by the dark, rough tones of his palette.


Ultimately, Nadal carves himself a new kind of art, reflective of the animate, thriving atmosphere of the contemporary art world at large, as well as his own personal fascination with the power and magnitude of the natural world.