Kenia Almaraz Murillo: Le Temps De L'Éclipse

21 April - 10 May 2022

From April 21st to May 10th, 'Le Temps de l'Éclipse' presents Kenia Almaraz Murillo's weavings and sculptures, highlighting the evolution of style, technique, and inspiration of the young Bolivian artist.


Kenia Alamaraz Murillo is an artist constantly seeking a balance between nature and the imprint of Man. the rediscovered link between her Bolivian and Western origins is today the main axis of Kenia's inspiration. She is at the same time filled by South American myths and legends that she constantly transmits in her works, but also includes her urban trends, which are visible through recycled objects. Car headlights now illuminate as much as an astral myth in her weavings. the urban become sacred.