Gonçalo Ivo

1 Décembre 2014 - 5 Janvier 2015

Galerie Boulakia presents Gonçalo Ivo's paintings at 10 avenue Matignon, Paris, from 2 December 2014 until 5 January 2015.

Son of a poet, qualified architect, amateur musician, Gonçalo Ivo is an artist standing at the crossroads of the arts and all of his paintings have some of Baudelaire’s intersensory connections. In the beginning, there are always sketchbooks, notebooks and daydreams, scribbled while listening to Bach, Mozart, Buxtehude...


The painter’s pigment is the pianist’s key, the poet’s rhyme. Each painting by Gonçalo Ivo is an entity which echos with its sisters like a poem read by itself or heard in a collection. They rise or spread, slender cathedrals or impulsive rivers increasing echos and resonances in a quiet and contemplative harmony.


This unseen series shown at Galerie Boulakia performs successfully, once again, the combination of eye and ear. These sheets of music played at a glance celebrate the abundant Brazilian nature and the flourishing European culture that inspired Gonçalo Ivo in his Parisian and Brazilian studios.