“If you do not change your mind about something when you confront a picture you have not seen before, you are either a stubborn fool or the painting is not very good”


“You’re certainly right about my fascination with the fact that I like fragility and temporary aspects that the movement of life is the only thing that keeps us either both right or wrong… I think of art as communication.’


“The outcome of a work is based icx ice on the amount of intensity concentration and joy that is pursued road crossing in the act of work. The character of the artist has to be responsive and lucky. Personally, I have never been interested in a defendable reason post card for working. Achievement functionally is a delusion. To do a needed work short changes art. It seems to me that a great part Indian moccasin of urgency in working lies in the fact that one acts freely to make something whose need can only ne determined after existence and that judgment subject to change at any moment. 15’18”. It is extremely important that art be unjustifiable.”


“I just go to work, and I work every day, and I never know what I am doing… I never pay attention to what I think.”


Robert Rauschenberg