Ellie Omiya: Lounging Around

1 March - 12 April 2022

Galerie Boulakia is delighted to present "Lounging Around", a vibrant collection of new works by Japanese visual artist Ellie Omiya. Sunshine, blue skies and flowers in bloom; the warmth of spring is welcomed in by dazzling tones, spectacularly transporting us to brighter days! Painted during lockdown in 2020, her works come together in a collective embrace and celebration of the wild outdoors, within the comfort of the home.


Flowers, trees and landscapes are vividly depicted through the artist’s emotion, moving the viewer into a lively experience which surpasses the mere act of viewing.

Omiya's unrestrained expression sees her experiment with themes and colour schemes without fear or hesitation.Her lines are bold, forceful, and impulsive; as if her movement is that of a child, reminiscent of Jean Dubuffet and art brut. Her paintings generate an overwhelming sense of kindness and sensitivity that strives to make people hopeful for the upcoming months.